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Recruitment to target

ICTU has developed a network of investigators in both primary and secondary care who have taken part in our studies over the last 10 years. Strong engagement with the Chief Investigator and study team throughout the study and innovative recruitment strategies have contributed to ICTU’s ability to deliver target subject recruitment on time – see examples of recruitment achieved in large cardiovascular and oncology studies.

Cardiovascular Trials

Trial Population ICTU geographical remit Recruitment
ASCOT Hypertensives with no history of CHD UK and Ireland 9098 patients in 23 months (on target)
PREMIUM  Hypertensives with & without CVD & type 2 diabetes UK, Ireland, Netherlands 3300 patients randomised in 12 months (300 > target)
ADVANCE Type 2 diabetes with/without CVD UK, Ireland, Estonia, Lithuania, Russia 2101 patients in 18 months (on target)
UMPIRE  Established CVD/ high estimated CV risk  India, Netherlands, Ireland, England 2004 patients randomised in 13 months (4 > target)
FOURIER High-risk CVD on stable statin therapy UK 782 patients in 18 months

ASCOT: Anglo-Scandiavian Cardiac OuTcomes; ADVANCE: Action in Diabetes and vascular Disease; preterAx and diamicroN mr Controlled Evaluation; UMPIRE: Use of a Multidrug Pill In Reducing cardiovascular Events; FOURIER Further Cardiovascular Outcomes Research with PCSK9 Inhibition in Subjects With Elevated Risk 

Oncology Trials

Trial Population ICTU geographical remit Recruitment
IES Postmenopausal, ER+/ ER unknown early breast cancer (adjuvant) UK,  Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Greece, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Russia, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Israel, New Zealand, Malta, Norway, Germany, USA, Sweden, Switzerland,, Netherlands, Peru, South Africa. 4724 patients randomised (on target)
DEVA Postmenopausal, early breast cancer (adjuvant) UK, France, Malta, Netherlands, Spain 803 patients randomised ( on target)
REACT Pre & post menopausal, early breast cancer (adjuvant) UK and Germany 2590 patients randomised (on target)
Neocent (pilot) ER+early breast cancer (neoadjuvant) UK and Korea 44 patients randomised (on target)