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Welcome to Imperial Clinical Trials Unit (ICTU)

This website is intended for commercial trial sponsors engaged in the area of pharmaceuticals, medical devices or diagnostic devices

Why choose ICTU?

ICTU conducts all aspects of clinical trials from conception to dissemination and implementation

Commercial research organisations (CROs) can deliver the basic elements required in executing a clinical trial, e.g. feasibility, site selection, trial oversight, IMP management, data management and analysis.

A unique combination of three factors:

  1. Scientific expertise
  2. Clinical expertise
  3. Academic networks

is what differentiates ICTU from a CRO, enabling ICTU to go beyond the basics of trial conduct to add value in the Design, Execution and Communication of clinical trials.


Ensuring the protocol design is not only scientifically and clinically sound but is a good fit with clinical practice in secondary/primary care is critical. ICTU works to optimise the protocol through input from academic thought leaders, therapy area specialists, hospital-based Investigators and experienced GP Investigators. We also incorporate insights from patients to better understand the drivers, barriers and information needs of the study target population.


Delivering successful outcomes in trial recruitment is a key deliverable for us. ICTU's approach to achieving this centres around realistic feasibility assessment, dedicated support to sites in planning and executing an effective recruitment strategy and a focus on investigator education throughout the study.

Recruitment outcomes achieved by ICTU


Imperial College has an excellent reputation for the analysis and clear communication of trial results in high calibre journals. ICTU can provide therapeutic area training and other support to investigators throughout the study. In addition, we can lead on a range of post-study communication activities such as congress presentations, advisory boards, medical education initiatives and in-house medical training.